.:Final design:.


Organising the layouts and orientation of illustration

At this point I brought in the template supplied in the briefe

placed my background in and then the illustration over the top. It looks like it could really come together now.

At this stage I’m thinking that the lines at the bottom. were I though originally that I would put the page number and issue numbered….defiantly had to go. Its just not doing any thing for the design, any way I am going for simplicity. I’ll have to get rid of them and then play around with different typefaces and sizing.

The Background

Decided to go with my initial idea using the shapes of the clouds from an image in my inspiration section. I like the depth that they could possibly create and the variations of tonal values that they create.

^^^ In this piece you can see that I’ve started to blur nearly all the clouds edges. Especially the ones toward s the top of the page were they are almost non existent – this was also done using the eraser tool to just tidy up those areas. From this point I then put a noise filter over the top as well as drawing strokes through it to create a grungy old fashioned type effect.

^^^ Next I placed it into photoshop and started messing around with the tonal values again. I changed the saturation and then began to create inner glows on all the clouds. At this stage I was thinking that it looked to much like a cut out type shape – I really wanted to create that rounded shape, like jump out of the page type shape.

This first step involved in making my background includes: Creating cloud shapes in illustrator and filling them with different tones of greys. I then Messed around with the opacities which lead me to this effect above.

the Illustration

creating an illustration of the phone turned out easier then I initially thought. The hardest part was moving the lines in a way that created a simplistic shape, that was in a geomagnetic type style and used the smallest amount of detail possible.

Here is the illustration:

The lines were strategically placed in the illustration to create justification towards not only the image but flow through with the background and body text/heading ect..

This was created inn illustrator.

The Telephone Story

After hours surfing the internet for a theme for the DG magazine I was about to create I came across this image of an old 1930’s candlestick telephone. I instantly developed a liking for the shape that it created and the meaning and story that it possessed.

I still wonted to do a lined illustration as this was very popular in the art deco era. But at the same time keeping it simple, no using too many lines and using full shapes were possible.

This will also be incorporated into my type face – very light, thin, to match the line work of the image. Something like Helvetica Niue or gill sans just to name some of the top of my head.

As for the heading I’m thinking along the lines of an art deco font, very bold and dominant that is accented with thin geometric stye lines.

Image of candle stick phone:

DG Magazine

Finally decided to upload all my DG magazine stuff

Here is some of the inspiration I drew upon in creating my design:

Initially I had this Idea that I would create a line illustration of a 1930 ish art deco looking car. This fell through as I found it far too complex. I was just about to put pen to paper when I decided to scrap the idea.

This image has very effective font and colours that I hope to use in my design. It creates a good visual tension as well as a balanced hierarchy.

The heading again attracted my attention right away. Its bold, has a great texture looking effect that jumps out at you. I like the colours of the depthie blue, creams and reds.

This is again going on with my line illustration idea that I stated with. Another great art deco inspired car design which has a great shape

At this point its quite clear to me that I defiantly need to incorporate some kind of tonal shapes which create effective movement type feelings. Secondly the use of greys and cream type colours are also used quite often. On that note I will defiantly have to incorporate these points into my design.

This gave me the inspiration to use simple shapes, geometrical shapes which create some kind of depth within them. I also really like the tone and unity that the clouds are creating in this depiction. Maybe I could use this as a background of some sort?

The simplicity of just the grey and black create such an elegance, great contrast between the colours and creates effective dominance through different tones, creating balanced hierarchy. What I really like is the way that the different sized font are used.

Use the photos of the cars in a rendition of the image above, very subtle mid tones but dominating creams and darker tone values.

Different perspective, distortion of images and vibrant complimentary colours!!