The Background

Decided to go with my initial idea using the shapes of the clouds from an image in my inspiration section. I like the depth that they could possibly create and the variations of tonal values that they create.

^^^ In this piece you can see that I’ve started to blur nearly all the clouds edges. Especially the ones toward s the top of the page were they are almost non existent – this was also done using the eraser tool to just tidy up those areas. From this point I then put a noise filter over the top as well as drawing strokes through it to create a grungy old fashioned type effect.

^^^ Next I placed it into photoshop and started messing around with the tonal values again. I changed the saturation and then began to create inner glows on all the clouds. At this stage I was thinking that it looked to much like a cut out type shape – I really wanted to create that rounded shape, like jump out of the page type shape.

This first step involved in making my background includes: Creating cloud shapes in illustrator and filling them with different tones of greys. I then Messed around with the opacities which lead me to this effect above.

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