Crucial part of the storyline

This long strip of paper is in fact 4 a4 sheets stuck together and drawn on. This piece made up the space. the planets and sky looking objects that flowed through the movie. I got the sense of movement, or flight in this case by keeping the plane stationary whils I fed the long strip of paper through.

I added this scene to the short clip as it showed in a sense the journey wether it be rough or calm in the graphic design industry. A sense of journeying into uncharted areas……out of your comfort zone, those sort of subconscious things I was trying to hint on.


The Process/setup

All the photos were taken in my bedroom. I turned all the lights off and was using luminosity solely from two desk lamps strategically placed  next to the camera. This was of course so that I could easily come back to the project at any given time. Of which I could regulate the lighting to what ever I desired.

Some pictures of the set up can be found here:


I imported all my photos into iMove and then began the long and time consuming part. Timing

With all 1,074 photos imported in to the project I found that it was far to slow and went for to long. To cater for this issue I ended up deleting every second photo almost. Some areas needed more attention then others, the part where I had the plain flying was by far the most difficult. To mack it a smooth as possible I had to keep most of the photos although the problem of it being too slow was still an evident issue.

I ended up balancing this out by equally deleting photos as well as extending the time a photo was displayed for.

My final edited piece was cut from 2min 30sec to 1min 8sec but still managed to contain a smooth flowing type feel.

The photos!!

In total I took 1,074 photos……It took a while to load ahahaha! I set my camera up  as so that it was facing directly downwards. With the convenience of a tripod I was able to create accurately still photos throughout the 1,074.

I would load them all up on my blog just to show the extent of the project but it would take days.


Rough mockups

To get an idea of how to use imovie and to gain a better understanding of how to use all the tools and functions of the program I sourced a number of tutorials. This being the most informative:

From that I went ahead and created a short clip based on some images I took last year. I messed around with the timings and the music overlap in order to further develop my understanding of the programs.

This clip can be found here:

Plan of Attack

Story line::::::::::::………..

1. Dancing coloured pencils on plain white background

2. Brush that off to the right with my hand

3. Me slowly drawing a compass and ruler – photos of designers being slowly moved                   around the page at random……or something design related.

4. Paper being drawn on gets folded into paper plane.

5. Fly plane – page under the one folded previoustly is blue.

6. Objects flying past plane – regulating speed is the most important here.

7. Runs/crashes into the typography ‘GoTafe DESIGN’, Design will be in lowercase

Stop motion, aim for 30sec…….to be created in iMovie – find tutorial on how to use program.