Refinement of Concept

I’ve decided to head in the direction of spray paint……graffiti like lettering with rough off spray which will hopefully give a grunge type feel to it.

The process: I scanned the original drawing and then pen tooled all the letters. I substituted to a greater line thickness and then created a live pain object. Filled them with black and then began to experiment with dashes and strikes to be put under the cow and ‘moo’.

All these strike throughs were simply drawn on a copy of my vector image , then cut out using a pen knife and placed on a black sheet of paper to simulate what it might look like. I’m going to move more towards the last image on the top row ^^, as this overlaps the cows legs I will have to give it a lighter spray _ I’ll go for a grey. The four images with the strike throughs will be used as stencils.


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