Initial sketches



…is an annual music festival held at various regional centers across Australia during the middle of the year.¬†Its very popular with thousands of people attend each year, GTM began in April 2005 with crowds exceeding 1400 at the Gloucester showgronds NSW.¬†Since then the festival has grown by an enormous amount, exceeding all expectations within the music industry……. Its recommended that you go!

Now more to the point, the brief is to design a t-shirt advertising the GTM festival. Last years winner Rebecca Turner created a design flowing with bold lines and a color depiction of a stereotypical rural farmer dude rocking it out on his tractor. .:shown below:.


In my design I hope to recreate an illustrative and free flowing piece that conveys a ruralised type feeling towards the audience. Bold typography and a simplistic characteristic will be incorporated. I hope to move towards the idea of using ruralised stereotypical object, animals or even people.

I’ll post some valid designs that I feel are appropriate and that I will taken into consideration when creating my final design…

< Was the GTM T-shirt design winner for 2010, I find that this is a very classic/vintage style design with an ink type composition and dull colours.

^ This poster was previously used to advertise the festival. I like the contrast between the purple/orange and neutral colures. I’ll say it now, the demographic and intended audience of all the posters/depictions for the festival are all intended for younger audiences. The quirkiness of the colour selection and the application of that colour, its not formal but very casual, very relaxed. It might even suggest an audience f a lower socio economic with the minimalist detail.

MTG home page for 2012, its very vibrant and can covey a lot of different meaning towards what it is that the shapes form, what they mean. To be honest, the text doesn’t contrast enough with he background which there for off puts the hierarchy and doesn’t make it as easy to read compared to say black or solid white text.